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Archive for November, 2016

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Practicing the Art of Good Research

Engineers, by nature, are inquisitive folks. They like to look for things, fix things, and learn things. The advent of the personal computer, digital-information storage, and the Internet, with its easy and constant access, has changed the way information is made available. Online search engines encourage typing in keywords, and thousands of results are instantly […]

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Compliance News: TJC Releases 2012 Codes Changes with Some Surprises

TJC released its long-awaited changes to its Life Safety (LS) and Environment of Care (EC) chapters Elements of Performance (EPs) on October 31, 2016.  These documents are entitled “Prepublication Standards – Standards Revisions Related to Life Safety Code Update” and cover six TJC accreditation programs.  The 49-page Hospital Prepublication Standards can be downloaded from that […]

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Cx Monitor: Commissioning 101

The term “commissioning” is more and more frequently heard in every conversation about building construction, whether it’s new building construction or looking at the performance of an existing building. But what exactly is commissioning? The word has naval beginnings. A ship, especially in wartime, had to be commissioned before it was ready for active duty. […]

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Connect with Us: November

Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR), a leader among engineering firms in designing, consulting, and commissioning projects, is pleased to announce our conference and tradeshow schedule around the country during the month of November. DBIA’s Design-Build Conference & Expo, which will be held in Las Vegas, NV, from November 2-4, attracts industry professionals spanning the entire A/E/C […]