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SSR Enters into Strategic Partnership with BES Plus Tech, LLC


SSR recently entered into a strategic partnership with BES Plus Tech, LLC, a Building Energy Sciences company, to provide Automatic Fault Detection and Diagnostics software – Performance Plus (P+) — as a Professional Service on Design and Commissioning projects where feasible and applicable. This partnership will enable us to deliver these services in a cost effective way while at the same time having access to technical and marketing support.

Let’s first define what P+ is NOT!  P+ is NOT just another Cx process software product… or energy dashboard… or an extension of a building automation system… OR a replacement for an experienced Professional. Software as a Professional Service is the true key of the effectiveness and exclusiveness of the platform to provide readily available data and analysis to allow a Professional to deliver actionable advice to diagnose, improve, and maintain performance of building systems.

P+ IS a cloud-based energy analysis and performance monitoring and optimization platform designed to be delivered and utilized by Professional consultants to leverage their expertise and experience with advanced data processing and visualization.

So why are we doing this? We believe the benefits are many and are relevant for the Designer, the Commissioning Authority, and the Client.

Benefits to Design Professionals:

  • Allows designer to document project performance at start-up and over time… Increasingly important for outcome-based design contracts where designers are obligated / expected to meet specified energy performance targets.
  • Provides unparalleled ability to verify, document, and defend design intent of systems operation in context of reported performance issues.
  • Extends engagement with Client beyond design phase and enable designer to offer additional services during construction administration, warranty, and beyond

Benefits to Commissioning Professionals:

  • Ability to determine system readiness for functional testing PRIOR to on-site functional testing – reduce wasted time and expense for site visits to projects not ready for testing
  • Allows cost-effective trend data analysis after functional testing by automating the time-consuming data acquisition.
  • Enables commissioning professional to monitor a building during warranty for dynamic performance verification and verify proper response to seasonal changes
  • Allows use of a cost-effective tool for investigating the performance and condition of an existing building
  • Extends engagement with Client beyond the end of the traditional new building commissioning services to become an integral part of their facility operations and maintenance
  • Provides ability to perform cost-effective automated diagnostic analysis – monitoring based On-Going Commissioning – PERFORMANCE INSURANCE!

Benefits to Facility Owners and Operators

  • Efficiently research historical and recent operating data to identify performance and efficiency issues
  • Find out about equipment and system performance issues earlier before it causes unhappy users and tenants
  • Allows quick and cost-effective diagnosis of problem to avoid costly and time-consuming ‘trouble-shooting’ and investigative maintenance activities
  • Provides ability to perform cost-effective automated diagnostic analysis – monitoring based On-Going
  • Commissioning – PERFORMANCE INSURANCE!
  • Help to not only maintain performance but potentially continue to improve performance over time

The features of P+ are too many to adequately describe in a periodic SSR publication. Nevertheless, here’s a summary of the key categories.

  • Cloud-based commissioning platform
  • Diagnostic trend analysis
  • Rule-based automated trend analysis
  • On-line commissioning issue log
  • Historical energy usage analysis
  • Measurement & verification
  • System operating sequences
  • Operation & maintenance
  • Design, start-up, testing records

If you would like more information on P+, its use, its costs, or our strategic partnership with BES Plus Tech, LLC contact Steve Harrell.