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Projects • Mobile Infirmary Medical Center

Mobile Infirmary Medical Center

Mobile, Alabama

Mobile Infirmary Medical Center is the largest Infirmary Health facility, with 689 beds. In 2012, the facility realized that they needed to reduce their energy consumption due to high energy bills. Through a already established relationship, the facility reached out to SSR to help with some of their energy needs

SSR conducted a Continuous Commissioning® (CC®) assessment to evaluate the operational efficiency of the existing HVAC systems and to identify cost-effective energy savings opportunities through a CC® process designed to resolve operating problems, improve comfort, optimize energy use and identify potential retrofits and deferred maintenance items impacting overall operational efficiency.

During the assessment, SSR interviewed the facility maintenance personnel, discussed the existing control sequences, obtained equipment schedules, and took various measurements on air-handling units, selected terminal boxes, and the central utility plant.

SSR found that the building was well-maintained by the Mobile Infirmary Medical Center maintenance personnel and that there were many opportunities to improve the building’s energy efficiency. After a year of budgeting the client gave SSR the green light to move forward into the implementation phase.

The CC® measures, outlined in the CC® assessment, included Sequence of Operation modifications to the Building Automation Systems and automating the decision making process for the Central Utility Plant. After measures were implemented, SSR continued fine-tuning the measures over the course of one year to ensure optimal operation.


  • Infirmary Health

Project Completion

  • 2014


Project Size

  • 1 Million SF

Service Provided