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  • Building relationships that last.


  • Ian E.

    SSR was attractive to me because of the opportunity to work on challenging projects. I also found great people who are dedicated to their work, genuinely care about each other, and have a great time together. It is fun to come to work with people who love to solve problems in a team environment.

    ‐Ian E.

  • Paolo F.

    In addition to promoting a “work hard, play hard” philosophy, SSR understands that there are priorities outside of work. The relaxed atmosphere allows us to juggle work along with our hectic personal schedules. Giving us this freedom is something I deeply value.

    ‐Paolo F.

  • Jon P.

    SSR gives me the opportunity to work on projects that help my community. I have the freedom to innovate and develop long lasting relationships with owners and other design professionals.

    ‐Jon P.

  • Karen P.

    My main reason for working and remaining at SSR is that I have always been given the freedom to learn and apply myself to any task at any level. If I want to take on more responsibility and move upward there has always been an open door at SSR to do so.

    ‐Karen P.

  • Tabitha V.

    Learning is limitless here. I work with genuinely good people.

    ‐Tabitha V.

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Passionate about the work we do

As colleagues at SSR, we welcome challenges. We love working on complex, unique, and varied projects. Life is best when it can be meaningful and have an impact on the communities it serves.

Building relationships is a core value of our company culture. No matter the client, project, or parameters, we appreciate the relationships that are built in the process of conducting business. Our colleagues and clients continually push us to be better.

The collective individual strengths of our people make SSR a compelling place to work.  We believe encouraging a healthy balance between work and life keeps us motivated to meet and exceed everyday challenges.

At SSR, we are empowered to do our jobs effectively and efficiently. We are given the freedom to do our jobs well, and are thankful that our initiative is rewarded with opportunity.