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Projects • Gibson Creek Equalization Facility

Gibson Creek Equalization Facility

Nashville, Tennessee

SSR led a multidisciplinary team of professionals in the design of an equalization pumping station and storage facility to supplement the existing Gibson Creek Pump Station. The new facilities included a 10.0 MG prestressed concrete equalization storage tank and a new pumping station capable of conveying 22 MGD of equalization flow.

The most challenging portion of this project was that 100% of the site is located within the 100-year floodplain of Gibson Creek. In order to locate all critical electrical equipment, including the standby generators, above the potential floodwater elevation an innovative building proposition was conceived. As the pumps were wet-pit submersibles, they were located outside the structure, and the only use for the first floor of the building was for access to the valves and flowmeters for the station. All critical equipment that could not be submerged will be located on a second floor. While costly to build, the savings associated with not locating the electrical building far from the pumps and up on stilts not only offset this expense, but also created an aesthetically pleasing structure that melded with the surrounding neighborhood.

This project team included close coordination between SSR, another national consultant, and a number of small and disadvantaged business enterprises to provide a design that met all of Clean Water Nashville’s expectations.


  • Metro Water Services


Project Size

  • 10 MG - Equalization Facility