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Projects • Sarasota Memorial Hospital Hybrid OR 21

Sarasota Memorial Hospital Hybrid OR 21

Sarasota, Florida

Looking to provide the highest level of care to the residents of Sarasota and surrounding communities, Sarasota Memorial Hospital renovated and upgraded OR 21 to serve as the pilot for several future OR renovations. It was SMH’s desire to create a hybrid OR, combining a traditional operating room with advanced imaging services. The hospital decided to employ new technology in the room, such as a modular ceiling system and stainless steel wall panels. These features addressed two key goals of the project: a reduced down time for OR 21 and the surrounding space; and improved patient care.

Combining imaging services with the traditional operating room functions allows the surgical staff to perform the latest minimally invasive catheter based procedures while also having the sterile environment available to perform complex open surgical procedures. Multiple procedures can be performed simultaneously without moving the patient to a different room, reducing the overall time spent in the hospital.

The integrated Cleansuite ceiling system incorporates HEPA filtered laminar airflow, lighting, medical gases, and structural support for integrated imaging systems into one fully coordinated package. Designed and assembled off site, the ceiling allowed for a reduced project construction time and minimal disruptions to OR schedules and neighboring spaces. The stainless steel wall system is another innovative feature of the space, it provides superior durability and infection control compared to traditional walls, while also allowing for easy removal and modification of resources within the wall space for future needs.

The project also included the replacement of a dedicated OR air handling unit located in an interstitial space above and a new computer room A/C unit to serve the imaging equipment room. The OR room lighting was provided with a central battery backup inverter in addition to the emergency generator system.


  • Sarasota Memorial Hospital

Project Completion

  • 2019


Project Size

  • 1,000 SF