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Projects • Stones River Water Treatment Plant

Stones River Water Treatment Plant

Murfreesboro, Tennessee

The $40 million Stones River Water Treatment Plant (SRWTP) upgrade and expansion project opened in February 2010. The state-of-art treatment plant is the largest membrane filtration system in Tennessee. The onsite sodium hypochlorite system-installed treatment plant is also the sole lime-softening water treatment plant in the state.

The plant was originally built in 1966, then upgrade and expansion work began in 2004. During the project, eight of the nine existing buildings were upgraded and four new buildings expanded the facility to provide for integration of the best available technology. The 24-hour operating treatment plant is capable of generating 20 million gallons a day (mgd) of water.

To bring the 40-year old deteriorating facility up to date the existing filtration system was replaced with a micro filtration membrane and on-site generation (OSG) process to provide the best available technology for protecting the public users from pathogens. By installing the OSG system, the facility eliminates the need for chlorine storage, reducing the overall footprint, and better ensures the safety of water treatment personnel and nearby residents.

The facility provides water to the City of Murfreesboro; therefore the existing facility remained operational during construction. To accomplish both needs the design team worked in close coordination with the owner and contractor to design a phased plan allowing the plant to continue to provide safe, clean water to the public.

Once installation of the new treatment process was complete, the design team worked to complete the integration and controls for the new systems to include a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) with wi-fi coverage allowing operators to interface with the systems from any location within the facility. After construction, the facility ran closed loop models to ensure all systems were performing in accordance with standards. During the on-site pilot testing of the membrane filtration system, analysis showed the lime-softening treatment performing at unprecedented load rates. The success of the new treatment process dramatically decreased the owner’s capital investment in the technology.

The Stones River Water Treatment project demonstrates how the application of innovative technologies can prove successful, even for aging facilities. To ensure continued potable water service to the City of Murfreesboro, the design team, owner, and contractor worked in close coordination through the duration of the project.


  • City of Murfreesboro

Project Completion

  • 2010

Awards & Distinctions

  • ACEC Engineering Excellence Grand Award, 2010


Project Size

  • 20.0 MGD