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Projects • TBI Crime Lab

TBI Crime Lab

Jackson, Tennessee

Located in Jackson, TN, the new Tennessee Bureau of Investigation facility hosts a comprehensive forensic lab, administration space, and agent offices. Additionally, the campus includes units for specialized work such as forensic biology, toxicology, forensic chemistry, firearms, breath alcohol, and evidence receiving units. The building acts as a replacement for the Memphis TBI location, which was smaller and in a less-ideal location.

SSR provided design and program verification for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, structural, sustainability, and technology systems.

This addition marks a planned strategic shift for the TBI, designed to maximize self-sufficiency and cost-efficiency. The TBI plans to generate DNA profiles from known arrestees and convicted offenders and minimize the upload time into the national CODIS database. Doing so will maximize the potential for investigative leads in faster fashion.


  • Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

Project Completion

  • 2021


Project Size

  • 46,000 SF