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Projects • Tennessee’s License Plate Manufacturing Facility

Tennessee’s License Plate Manufacturing Facility

Nashville, Tennessee

In March 2020 a tornado ripped through Nashville causing close to $1.5 billion in destruction. One of the facilities that was completely destroyed was the State of Tennessee’s license plate manufacturing facility run by TRICOR. With the license plate facility down, the state had to turn to Kentucky to help with meeting the needs of Tennessee residents. Knowing that another state was producing Tennessee’s license plates did not sit well with elected officials in the State. They wanted to get the TRICOR plate plant up and operational as soon as possible.

Having recently completed several projects with the State of Tennessee and TRICOR, the State knew that SSR was familiar with their project requirements and that SSR could provide all the engineering services in-house. The State reached out to SSR with an aggressive project schedule to renovate an existing building. SSR assembled a multi-discipline team (mechanical, plumbing, electrical, structural, civil) to address the specific needs that the owner required for the license plate equipment.

In the course of six months, the State wanted to program, plan, design, and renovate an existing 10,000 SF warehouse for the license plate manufacturing process. SSR’s team moved quickly and worked closely with the State to identify potential issues and keep the project on track. The team took a process that usually requires 90−120 days and compressed it down to 60, while still meeting all of the State’s design and submittal requirements. The project is now in construction and on schedule for the plant to be operational by the end of September.


  • State of Tennessee

Project Completion

  • 2020