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A smart building leverages technology to enhance a building’s performance through the systems integrated into the building. Allowing a building’s HVAC, lighting, power, access control, and other systems to talk to each other and work together provides valuable data and functionality to the owner and operators of a building. These smart building systems provide an insight into a building’s performance and usage that can be used to continuously inform system operations, simplify and automate controls, anticipate occupant needs, and enable effective and preventative maintenance while enabling innovative ways for occupants to interact with the building. 

Our team of Smart Building consultants can integrate these practices with standard MEP practices, working with the design and network engineers to utilize a horizontal architecture, either on the owner’s IT network or on a dedicated OT (operational technology) network. We take a vendor-neutral approach to providing a foundation for systems like AFDD (automated fault detection and diagnostics), Single Pane of Glass (SPoG) controls, IDL (independent data layer), and other systems to live on top of. Our team can also provide high-level consulting services to help an owner develop the business and use cases to drive a Smart Building.  

Smart buildings don’t just happen, they take intentional planning and collaboration. Our goal is to bring our Smart Building expertise, coupled with the expertise SSR offers in other areas (design, sustainability, technology, commissioning, etc.), to inform decision making and bring value through data analysis. 

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