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2022 NHL Outdoor Games

As a consultant to the NHL, SSR is often asked to perform assessments of venues ahead of their special events, including outdoor games, playoffs, and Stanley Cup Finals. This past fall and winter, SSR was engaged to perform an assessment at all three venues hosting outdoor NHL games:

Target Field in Minneapolis: Hosted the 2022 NHL Winter Classic on January 1 between the St. Louis Blues and Minnesota Wild.

Nissan Stadium in Nashville: Hosted the 2022 NHL Stadium Series on February 26 between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Nashville Predators.

Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton, Ontario: Will host the 2022 Tim Hortons NHL Heritage Classic between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabre on March 13.


For each of these assessments, SSR walked the venue to review redundancy of the electrical systems at the existing venue, as well as to assist with the temporary power designs, specifically looking at the broadcast redundancy and ice plant operations.

We always value our work with the NHL, but it was unique to contribute to their special event efforts in our hometown of Nashville and attend the event. We were able to bring our knowledge and experience with the NHL and Nashville Predators across the river and help the team at Nissan Stadium successfully execute an ice rink in the middle of a football stadium. While the Preds weren’t able to pull off the victory for the hometown fans, Nashville continued to shine on the big stage and take its place as a true hockey town.