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Clinical Consulting: Setting a Vision for Innovation and Transformation

| Debbie Gregory

The healthcare landscape is changing so fast that it is difficult to keep up or predict the future. What does the future hold for the delivery of healthcare? How will future practitioners innovate? It is safe to say, however, that the future of healthcare will be more about value than about volume.

The healthcare continuum is stretching beyond the traditional hospital stay; from the home, to rehabilitation, to wellness programs, to assisted living, and beyond. The empowered patient, the mobile health platform, population health, cost control, etc., will all have dramatic impacts on the industry.

How can you provide leadership and vision for the future of healthcare? Many of you are already working directly in the design and construction process. Using clinical skills honed in best practices, improving work processes, advocating for the clinician and patient, and working in an interdisciplinary environment to bring value to the patient. These perspectives and unique skills place us in a perfect position to be leaders in the transformation and design of the future of healthcare.

The design and construction industry is reinventing the wheel on too many projects. Our colleagues and clients need to be empowered to influence, serve, and support transformation. Being influencers and disseminators of innovation is the next level to which we need to elevate. We must look beyond our work area to a broader context in order to impact healthcare on a larger scale.

This Clinical Consulting e-news will showcase examples of a wide range of issues that influence healthcare delivery. Stay tuned for examples of best practices and innovation that you can use to improve. If you have interesting ideas or feature articles you would like included – feel free to contact Debbie Gregory at