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Smart Building Principles for Today and the Future


The term “smart building” is a commonly used buzz word, but there is not a standard definition accepted by the industry yet. In reality there are many things that can make a building smart in the eyes of its owner, but following certain principles in designing a building’s systems and infrastructure will enable resiliency and adaptability, incorporation of new technologies as needed, and the collection of valuable data on the operation usage of the building. This presentation will go over the principles and best practices of smart building design, including common use cases, risks, and motivations from owners,


Learning Objectives:

Understand common elements of the foundation and infrastructure of a smart building.

Learn how to develop a smart building strategy around the client’s business goals and use cases.

Learn about the risks associated with smart building technology including cyber security and some of the basic protections needed.

Understand the connection between smart building technologies and outcomes for sustainability and health and wellness of occupants.



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