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SSR Announces Q3 New Hires


Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR), a leader among engineering firms in designing, consulting, and commissioning projects, is pleased to announce that the following individuals joined the firm in August, September, and October:

  • Jacob Adcock, Mechanical Engineer, Texas
  • Saif Alsaeed, Building Performance Engineer, Dallas
  • Andrew Cheek, Retro Cx Project Manager, Austin
  • Tanner Clark, Sustainability Analyst, Nashville
  • Alyssa Cleveland, Medical Equipment Planner, Dallas
  • Austin Chaffin, Mechanical EIT, Nashville
  • Sol Cordova, Technology Associate, Houston
  • Sam Crum, Senior Project Manager, Arizona
  • Sydney Flynn, Mechanical EIT, Charlotte
  • Taylor Hackett, CEI Technician, Nashville
  • Alex Hafliger, Operations Accounting Analyst, Nashville
  • Chris Henson, Intern, Dallas
  • Gabe Jagush, Plumbing EIT, Fort Worth
  • Shauna Key, Structural EIT, Memphis
  • Cathy Lanza, Accounting Clerk, Nashville
  • Matt Oleis, Plumbing EIT, Nashville
  • Dan Pineda, Building Enclosure Project Manager, Nashville
  • Devin Rains, Civil Intern, Nashville
  • Nolan Rendon, Project Manager, Austin
  • Brandon Richardson, CEI Technician, Nashville
  • Tucker Shepard, Security Analyst, Nashville
  • David Short, Plumbing Senior Designer, Charlotte
  • Victoria Stevenson, Administrative Assistant, Dallas
  • Ray Tossi, Mechanical Senior Designer, Florida
  • Andrew Warren, Building Performance Engineer, Dallas
  • Kim Watson, Administrative Assistant, Houston
  • Lee Yarbro, Industrial Project Manager, Memphis