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Becoming a Trusted Advisor

Over the past 18 months, SSR has engaged in a unique partnership with a large public utility providing water and wastewater services in Middle Tennessee. Since the retirement of their longstanding GIS (Geographic Information System – a spatial system that creates, manages, analyzes, visualizes, and maps all types of data) manager, SSR colleague Bryan Neely has been working onsite in this capacity for an average of 25 hours a week.  

Bryan is responsible for maintaining and updating their GIS system. Since he started in this role, Bryan has expanded access to the district’s asset information to more internal colleagues; now 40 individuals have real time access to the data in the office or the field, with various permissions ranging from view only to full editing capability. They are now able to add and update features, locate and update buried infrastructure, add new equipment, and record maintenance activities as they occur.  

The utility district’s comprehensive GIS stores spatial and non-spatial datasets on water lines, sewer lines, fire hydrants, valves, water meters, and other assets common to a water and wastewater utility. Information is constantly updated to reflect infrastructure changes, equipment additions, and new customers, among others. They strive to keep the data as current and accurate as possible, and Bryan participates in monthly meetings to coordinate data acquisition, processing, and quality control.  

Like most water utilities, they understand the value of having accurate GIS information to support their planning, maintenance, and forecasting activities. They rely on this information to serve as the central source of knowledge for their infrastructure and operations. It represents all the assets the utility district manages and allows them to know the precise location and specific details of those assets, including system components buried underground.  

The relationship between SSR and the utility district is deep, having worked together on water and wastewater projects to benefit Nashville area residents for over three decades. SSR is honored to work closely with them and to know they view Bryan as a trusted partner to oversee this mission critical tool for them.