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Buildings Shall Be Capable Of…


Cx Monitor Newsletter, Issue 5.2

OWNERS OFTEN ASK that engineers specify what a “building automation system shall be capable of” in terms of operations or performance. But just because a building’s automation system is capable of doing something, doesn’t necessarily ensure that a particular operation will actually be properly utilized (if utilized at all) once a building is up and running. As a result, many buildings are capable of operating more effi ciently than they actually do.

A day-to-day example is the purchase of software that’s intended to revolutionize the operations of a company, but never gets used to that end because of a lack of accountability and staff training (i.e. we have this great new sales-tracking software but because it takes a little effort and staff resources to fully understand/utilize the system, we’ve only used it to house contact information for the past 12 months).