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Business Energy Magazine Features SSRCx Engineers on Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in Healthcare Facilities


Healthcare facilities are thinking outside the box when looking for ways to cut costs and improve energy efficiency. In the latest issue of Business Energy magazine, SSRCx’s Rick Ziegler, PE, and Clark Denson, PE, CEM, BEMP, LEED AP BD+C, discuss new opportunities available to facility directors that go beyond the traditional lighting and HVAC systems.

Ziegler, a Building Enclosure Engineer, explains the importance of managing the building’s enclosure and the direct benefits that building enclosure commissioning can provide. One key example to improving energy efficiency directly is by managing the amount of air that “leaks” in and out of the building, allowing mechanical designers to properly size building equipment.

With many facilities focused on how energy is used, in addition to the associated costs, owners and facility directors are exploring options to conserve that energy. Denson, a Building Performance Engineer, discusses new approaches to simultaneously cool and heat the air, a code requirement for healthcare facilities.

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