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Care from the Corridor: An Innovative Approach to Care from the Provider and Patient Perspective


This session provides an in-depth review of findings recently published in the HERD Journal focusing on COVID-19 and the impact of the pandemic on the future of healthcare design. The session focuses on providing care from the corridor or “care delivery zone” external to the patient room as contrasted to inside the patient room. HERD, which reaches an international audience of researchers, clinicians, and design practitioners, is the premier source for peer-reviewed research on the design of healthcare facilities, both inpatient and outpatient. Session participants will learn how hospitals and other healthcare facilities have altered their environments to care for patients from the corridor to protect the care providers. The presenters will discuss a paradigm shift looking at redesigning the programming and operational components of the care delivery zone from inside the patient’s room to include a care delivery zone outside of the patient room.


Learning Objectives:

Learn how hospitals made immediate facility changes to accommodate the surge of patients with COVID-19 while protecting the caregiver.

Discuss possible opportunities for redesigning the corridor and entry area to the patient room creating a care delivery zone outside the patient’s room including personal protective equipment (PPE) storage, an area for donning and doffing PPE, care giving technology, collaboration, communication, and safety.

Participate in an interactive design discussion to maximize and redesign the care delivery zone for patient care management.

Discuss the financial and psychosocial implications of corridor/care delivery zone concepts.



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