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Career Profile: Informatics in Design/Architecture


by Debbie Gregory, RN, BSN, Senior Clinical Consultant, Technology Planning Group at Smith Seckman Reid

How did you get started in informatics?
I began working for the Technology Planning Group at Smith Seckman Reid in 2010 as the Senior Clinical Consultant. We plan the technology infrastructure and systems for new healthcare construction and renovations. It has been an exciting career to advocate for the clinical voice; nurses are not always involved in the design, construction and technology integration for their facilities. It is important to have a clinical voice at the design table in order to understand work flow, the patient experience and clinical outcomes. It has been very important to open the silos and discussion between biomedical engineering, IT and nursing. Nursing Informatics is helping bridge that gap. As we move from an “information – EHR” focus to a “transforming care” focus, the nurses perspective and voice is more important than ever.

Tell us about informatics in your organization?
It is my role to help clinicians and hospitals understand the clinical impact of technology on patient care delivery. Technology can often be a distraction and frustration for clinicians. Creating a seamless technology integration that facilitates care delivery is my focus. Technology is a key focus for hospitals today; however, the investments are not being maximized. Creating a strategic clinical roadmap for technology integration is key. Developing technology governance that includes all stakeholders is a best practice in the industry today. We bring best practice, industry standards, and clinical vision to hospitals seeking to upgrade and grow their technology integration. To work for a firm that believes in the Clinical Voice is an honor. I hope to represent my nursing profession and our patients to achieve optimal care delivery.

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