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Checking a Building’s ‘Facts’ Through Monitoring-Based Commissioning


Similar to how ships are commissioned before setting sail for the first time, owners often elect to have their buildings commissioned before being turned over to operations. This process ensures a facility’s systems operate as they should, and the building is set to perform at peak efficiency. A building can be commissioned as part of the construction process or after operations, which is also known as existing building commissioning (EBCx).

In a recent article for Engineered Systems, Amir Salarifard PE, LEED AP BD+C, and Victor Saeh CEM, CxA, PCC, LEED AP BD+C explain the different options when it comes to commissioning, and which is best for your building; identify the steps to setting up a comprehensive monitoring based commissioning (MBCx) process; and summarize the pros and cons to implementing MBCx.

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