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Clinical Coaching for Healthcare App and Device Developers


The convergence of technology and the healthcare industry is proving to be a valuable and exciting partnership. The effect of technological innovation on disease management has been changing patients’ lives … providing greater quantity and quality of life.

Being able to monitor their own blood pressure, glucose, calories, air quality for asthma, and many other metrics has given patients greater independence, control and knowledge. Engaging patients directly in the monitoring of their own health will create more accountability and critical communication with providers, which is a recipe for improved health and better outcomes.

As device and app developers move into the healthcare arena, education and research is key to their success. Too much homework can’t be done to learn about the industry before moving in. Developers are creative and have great solutions to age-old healthcare delivery problems. They are part of the new generation of creative thinkers and problem solvers, but they must be prepared, as the field of healthcare can be a tricky one to navigate.
Following is a crash course … “The Ten Commandments” of technology development for healthcare.

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