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Commissioning a Golf Course

SSR’s commissioning group likes to work on facilities that have complex mechanical and electrical systems – typically hospitals, stadiums, and labs. Sometimes a facility type will be outside our usual markets but still meet those criteria of having complex systems or unique challenges. In recent years, we’ve provided new building commissioning services to a private golf club. This isn’t your typical golf course, it’s a world recognized golf club that annually hosts a major tournament. In addition to the tournament, the club’s members are high profile individuals (international business leaders, politicians, celebrities, athletes, etc.).

An abundance of problem-solving skills is needed to execute all projects on the property, even on the smallest renovation or improvement project. There are some key considerations to know when working for this client:

  • The club requires all construction to occur during its off season (June – October) when the course and its amenities are closed to members.
  • The club’s membership numbers are kept low; however, during the annual tournament, as many as 40,000 spectators are on property per day. This fluctuation in occupancy must be considered for many of the club’s facilities and systems.
  • The club is high-class and focused on an elite member experience. They have high expectations and demand excellence.

Once you grasp the unique elements to working for this club, and understand the importance of planning early and thoroughly, the real fun begins!

In recent years, SSR has commissioned a few different types of buildings on the property, including a 100,000 SF office/merchandise building, a dedicated engineering building, a lounge/restaurant facility with commercial kitchens, and a facility building with restrooms, retail, and member’s lounge. All facilities on the property are monitored by a centralized building automation system. Each individual building’s systems are expected to seamlessly integrate into the BAS so that club staff can monitor and control all the mechanical and electrical systems. The club is also uniquely different from other courses in that it has very sophisticated systems, there are not many golf courses in the world that are wired for emergency power!

One of the keys to success for working with this client is that the entire project team understands the unique conditions and requirements of the property. Each project must be approached from the perspective of two very different final user groups: the club’s membership and the influx of patrons that are on site for one week of the year. This disparity in occupancy creates unique challenges to testing the various systems under load. Our commissioning team is used to thinking outside the box to cater to different conditions and adequately test the systems before turning it over for occupancy.

Regardless of project type, all work at this course is unique and requires a high level of attention to detail We’re very proud of the work that we do on this property and hope to continue to provide them an exceptional client experience for years to come!