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Cx Monitor: Working in the Cloud: Benefits of Building Start

In late spring 2012, SSRCx began utilizing a cloud based database, Building Start, to execute the commissioning process for all new construction projects. Building Start is mobile workflow management software that merges a cloud based project management platform with a mobile, offline workflow and audit trail system. This unique combination allows the assignment and sequencing of tasks for all parties involved in a construction project. By weaving this technology in with our traditional approach to project management, Building Start supported projects allow for more transparency and better communication between the project team and owner.

After receiving final construction documents, Building Start can be integrated to develop the project commissioning plan. Fully set up by SSRCx, login information is provided to all those identified by the owner, not limited to the commissioning agent, design team, and contractors. From the easy to navigate dashboard, team members can view and comment on the project status and milestones, as well as issues, pre-functional check lists, and functional performance tests as the project progresses.

While on location during a site visit, SSRCx’s commissioning agents are able to note and comment on any issues they encounter, pictures can be uploaded, and follow-up tasks can be assigned. After the visit is complete, the agent syncs Building Start so that reports can be quickly generated and easily shared. These reports include the master issues list, pre-functional check lists, functional performance tests, as well as progress reports. These reports allow the project to progress at a much quicker pace as the owner, contractors, and all other involved parties are immediately made aware of any issues. Building Start allows them to comment and correct any issue without having to wait for a status report to be published.

In addition to maintaining project progress, another benefit of Building Start is transparency. SSRCx sets up every project so that the owner is looped in through the entire process. They are able to see all status and milestone updates, issues pointed out, and the resulting conversations and corrections. At the conclusion of the commissioning process, a detailed list of every piece of equipment, including any issues that were addressed during the process, is generated.

By defining roles of various contractors and the work effort to install, startup, and commission equipment and assets, Building Start allows a consistent, repeatable process to help ensure building systems are installed correctly and work per their original design intent. At the end of the day, the owner has all commissioning information available at the click of a button.