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Designing for Health Care Technology


In response to smaller reimbursements, greater operational costs and more demanding record-keeping requirements, the delivery of health care is becoming increasingly tied to technology. Because technology is now setting the pace in a large number of new construction and renovation projects, facility owners are finding themselves having conversations with architects and designers about technology much sooner in the building process. Technology such as wireless communications, medication bar coding, electronic medical records and RFID tracking will influence the design of a building. As the importance of health care technology grows, so does the interior design process required to incorporate that technology into a visually pleasing and highly functional way.

Begin at the Beginning

The most important step a facility owner can take to successfully integrate technology, architecture and interior design is to talk early and often about technology requirements. No longer can owners afford to treat technology as an afterthought. During new construction or a renovation, a facility’s IT department and technology planning team should have direct and regular input as design unfolds. This significant time investment up front will reap the rewards of a more seamlessly designed technology infrastructure and greater avoidance of expensive change orders.

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