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IoT and Building Controls


The convergence of Building Controls and the Internet-of-Things (“IoT”) presents a fundamental shift in the abilities to operate and maintain high-performing, smart buildings. Building Controls are responsible for operating and facilitating the maintenance of the electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and process equipment and systems. Well-designed deployed and tested Building Controls are essential for achieving high-performing buildings. IoT provides a variety of avenues for achieving and maintaining high-performing, smart buildings. IoT used for automation of maintenance processes, interactivity between the building and its tenants/visitors, optimization of building functional performance, etc. has demonstrated its capabilities to transcend previous boundaries and limitations to high-performing, smart buildings. Together, Building Controls and IoT have become integral and important to achieve, operate, and maintain high-performing, smart buildings.


Learning Objectives:

Gain a fundamental understanding of building automation/controls systems.
Identify how a thoughtful integration of building controls with the IoT can lead to a more sustainable and high-performing facility.
Explore examples of how the collection and thoughtful use of data throughout a facility’s life cycle can improve its performance and energy efficiency.
Examine what the Internet of Things (IoT) is within the context of building design, construction, and operation & maintenance.



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