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Joint Commission updates Emergency Management Chapter 2021 documentation requirements

The Joint Commission’s 2021 updates to the Hospital Accreditation (and some other) Emergency Management Chapter Standards include numerous cases where documentation (indicated by the new “D” icon) is now required whereas those icons were not indicated prior to the 2021 changes.

The Emergency Management Elements of Performance with new “D” (documentation required) icons are:

EM020101 (Emerg. Ops. Plan) EP7 (Identifying alternative care sites)
EM020201 (Communications) EP4 (Communications with external authorities)
EP7 (Communications with suppliers)
EP12 (Communications with third parties)
EM020203 (Resources and Assets) EP9 (Transporting to alternate care sites)
EM020205 (Security and Safety) EP4 (Managing hazardous materials and waste)
EM020207 (Managing Staff) EP7 (Training staff for assigned roles)
EP11 (System to track on-duty staff)
EM020209 (Utilities) EP2 (Electricity and lighting)
EP3 (Water for consumption and patient care)
EP4 (Water for equipment and sanitary purposes)
EP7 (Essential utilities and temperatures)
EM020211 (Patients) EP3 (Evacuation)
EP5 (Patient personal hygiene and sanitation)


There are other additional changes to survey processes for 2021.  Those changes are covered within the January 2021 Joint Commission Survey Activity Guide.


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