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LEED GOLDen State Warriors

In July, the Chase Center officially achieved LEED Gold certification. It’s no easy feat for sports facilities to achieve certification; across the four major U.S. sports, just 31 venues

have achieved a LEED certification and the Chase Center is one of five NBA arenas to be LEED Gold or higher certified. Arenas tend to excessively use water, generate an abundance of waste, and consume large amounts of energy. To mitigate these conventional impacts, SSR’s design team partnered with our inhouse sustainability experts and stok to actively coordinate and proactively design the building to reduce each of these. Below are sustainability highlights of the Chase Center that contributed to the certification.

Sustainable Sites:

  • Reduction in pollution and environmental impact by construction activities
  • Utilization of existing infrastructure
  • Availability and promotion of alternative transportation methods
  • Stormwater management plan to reduce pollution of natural water flow
  • Reduction of heat island effect to minimize impact on human and wildlife habitats

Water Efficiency:

  • Efficient water fixtures resulting in a reduction of more than 30% in water consumption
  • Combined with on-site non-potable water use, Chase Center was able to reduce water consumption by over 84%
  • An efficient irrigation system that resulted in 63% savings in water consumption
  • Reduction in potable water use for building sewage conveyance by over 100%

Energy and Atmosphere:

  • A 37.3% energy cost reduction over the baseline
  • Minimal use of refrigerants to reduce ozone depletion

Materials and Resources:

  • Reduction of waste generated by the arena through a focus on recycling and composting
  • A construction waste management plan that resulted in 87% of construction and demolition waste being diverted from landfills
  • Use of building materials that were manufactured using recycled materials
  • Use of regional materials to reduce environmental impacts from transportation

Indoor Environmental Quality:

  • Indoor air quality performance rating
  • A ventilation system that promotes occupant comfort and well-being
  • A construction indoor air quality management plan to promote the well-being of construction workers

Innovation in Design:

  • A transportation management plan that resulted in a significant reduction in personal automobile use
  • Water reduction of over 84%

The entire SSR project team is proud to see the Chase Center be recognized by LEED for their commitment to sustainability. Delivering a successful project that challenges us to be collaborative and creative, in which we can deliver a custom solution that aligns with the owner’s mission and vision, is always a win in our book!