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Mobile Charging Brings Flexibility

Gone are the days of clipboards and pens — technology is integrating increasingly into all aspects of healthcare. Everyone from doctors to nurses, support staff to facilities are dependent on mobile devices (tablets, laptops, smart phones). Managing these mobile devices can be a daunting task —inventory, storage, and charging.  

After seeing charging stations and carts used efficiently and effectively in other building types (classrooms, prisons, and airports, for example), I thought they could be a new solution for a healthcare project I was involved with. I approached the idea with different project stakeholders — the clinical staff, IT department, and facilities — and we deployed the device.  

A mobile charging cart solves lots of issues: 

  • Inventory Storage – devices have a dedicated home, easy to see what is being used vs stored; can be locked when devices are not needed, like overnight  
  • Charging Solution – devices not in use are being charged while stored, they are ready to go when needed 
  • Reduces Infrastructure – cart or station is plugged into wall, devices are charged by shorter USB cables (based off device needs), eliminating need for multiple AC outlets 
  • Customized – carts and stations come in multiple sizes and configurations based on facility needs; can charge tablets, notebooks, power banks, phones, etc. 
  • Space Management – can be mobile or installed 

We have found these mobile charging carts to be a solution that addresses issues experienced by multiple user group issues. They are an inexpensive solution and minimal specialized infrastructure is necessary (120-volt outlet). 

Our team can work with a facility’s technology and nursing team to determine the needs of the space for the recommended product.