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Reducing Energy 10% to 40% Utilizing Existing Building Commissioning and No Capital Investment 2.0


Many organizations are focusing on energy reduction today and are engaging the services of Professional Engineering firms to assist in the achievement of some level of energy reduction in their facilities that is sustainable. Various approaches ranging from an ASHRAE Level I or Level II Energy Audit to some form of Existing Building Commissioning can accomplish this goal albeit some accomplish the goal better than others. This presentation will discuss the a particular approach of existing building commissioning, tools utilized and necessary for an effective projection of energy savings, measurement and verification and the importance of implementing the proper program for sustaining the savings over time.


Learning Objectives:

Capital intensive measures are not a prerequisite to reducing energy in and aging, existing facility

How to measure and verify savings in a holistic manner

There are distinct differences and benefits between Energy Audits and Existing Building Commissioning

The importance of identifying the operational improvements that can be achieved by making strategic changes to the Sequences of Operation at the Building Automation level





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