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Smarter Integration of Building Controls

Automation system innovations lead to advanced applications

The capabilities of building automation systems (BASs) have expanded significantly over the past several years. New systems are more complex and smarter than ever. BASs are being used to monitor and control HVAC equipment, lighting and occupancy in hospitals. Energy management also is a big focus today and the tools to monitor and measure those variables are more sophisticated.

Facilities managers now have the tools to automate the process of collecting this data, archiving it and emailing it to whomever needs it. This is more evident in hospitals where the BAS is being used to generate reports for Joint Commission compliance, says Victor Saeh, LEED AP BD+C, CEM, existing buildings commissioning services operations manager, Smith, Seckman, Reid Inc., an engineering consulting firm based in Nashville, Tenn.

Recent advances have been in the areas of specialized dashboard interfaces for monitoring critical facilities areas, integration of patient-scheduling software, and specialized interfaces for such nontraditional BAS users as patients and nurses who need to be able to quickly adjust to conditions in occupied areas.

This article was originally written by Neal Lorenzi and published by Health Facilities Management on November 5th. Please click the link below to be taken to the article in its entirety.

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