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From Splashy to Subtle


While new construction has slowed, the interest in all things green among property owners, tenants, environmental activists and government departments continues to drive technological advances. Indeed, the latest green technologies offer new and in some cases cheaper options.

Emerging green-building technologies range from the splashy to the subtle. For instance, green-building technology companies are now rolling out such innovations as in-building wastewater treatment systems that recycle “blackwater” for non-potable uses (splashy, as these things go), but also paints that not only are low VOC but subtly sequester toxins from the surrounding atmosphere. Such a product by CertainTeed is being tested even now at the Oregon Sustainability Center.

Those kinds of products are well and good, but the holy grail of green building remains energy effi ciency, both for cost control and the reduction of carbon emissions. And there is no shortage of energy-focused technologies—either new tech or old tech adapted in new ways —whose goal is to reduce energy consumption or fi nd green ways to make energy.