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SSR Announces 2023 Q2 New Hires


Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR), a leader among engineering firms in designing, consulting, and commissioning projects, is pleased to announce that the following individuals joined the firm in May, June, and July:

  • Ellis Abbott, Building Enclosure EIT, Nashville
  • Martin Benitez, Structural EIT, Memphis
  • Smiley Brown, Electrical Engineer II, Charlotte
  • Jody Byrd, Plumbing Senior Designer II, Charlotte
  • Clark Coleman, Project Manager II, Memphis
  • Wallace Crain, Mechanical EIT, Memphis
  • Keith Fox, Project Manager II, Denver
  • Mauricio Franco, Plumbing EIT, Houston
  • Leann Fuqua, Audiovisual Consultant, Houston
  • Julie Furr, Structural Project Manager, Memphis
  • Abigayle Gronauer, Structural EIT, Nashville
  • Fazlullah Hakimi, Electrical EIT II, Houston
  • Zion Philson, Electrical EIT I, Houston
  • James Quillin, Building Performance Engineer II, Dallas
  • David Quinonez, Plumbing Senior Designer II, Dallas
  • Maxwell Sahli, Mechanical EIT, Nashville
  • Sadie Smith, Marketing Coordinator, Nashville
  • Claire Spiering, Senior Project Manager, Houston
  • Miguel Zuniga, Project Manager, Houston