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SSR Announces Q2 Hires


Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR), a leader among engineering firms in designing, consulting, and commissioning projects, is pleased to announce that the following individuals joined the firm in May, June, and July:

  • Amanda Ackerman, Mechanical EIT, Houston
  • Yaser Basem, Project Manager, Houston
  • Darrell Bryson, CEI Technician, Nashville
  • Cody Choate, CEI Technician, Nashville
  • Justin Covington, Medical Equipment Procurement Specialist, Atlanta
  • Anson Donahue, Technology Associate, Dallas
  • Dylan Donaldson, Civil EIT, Memphis
  • Fabian Escobar, Building Enclosure Project Manager, Tampa
  • Temia ‘Tim’ Flint, Electrical EIT, Atlanta
  • Brianna Ghant, Industrial Project Coordinator, Memphis
  • Shuyi ‘Christy’ Guo, Plumbing EIT, Dallas
  • John Hunt, Building Enclosure Regional Manager, Tampa
  • Hosea Jones, Technology Associate, Nashville
  • Charles Kent, CEI Technician, Crestview
  • David Keric, Electrical EIT, Houston
  • Ellen Kinnane, Grants Coordinator, Memphis
  • Greg Lobo, Electrical Engineer, Memphis
  • Colton Lunn, Electrical EIT, Nashville
  • Kenneth ‘Ransom’ McRee, CEI Technician, Nashville
  • Muna Mohamed, Electrical EIT, Memphis
  • Jonathan Raudales, CEI Technician, Crestview
  • Gary Rodgers, Senior Technology Consultant, Dallas
  • Tameka Sagers, Administrative Assistant, Nashville
  • John Schattenburg, Project Manager, Oakdale
  • Callie Smith, Marketing Associate, Nashville
  • Mackenzie ‘Mack’ Stewart, Commissioning EIT, Nashville
  • Elliott Thurman, Mechanical EIT, Nashville
  • Keegan Valentine, Electrical EIT, Nashville
  • Jerrin Varghese, Project Manager, Dallas
  • Luke Welker, Senior Medical Equipment Planner, Dallas