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SSR Announces Q2 New Hires


Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR), a leader among engineering firms in designing, consulting, and commissioning projects, is pleased to announce that the following individuals joined the firm in May, June, and July:

  • Mohammad Abumuhaimid, Electrical Engineer, Houston
  • Dani Ahern, Electrical EIT, Dallas
  • Parker Alperin, Commissioning EIT, Nashville
  • Palmer Bell, Technology Associate, Nashville
  • Kwan Brown, Mechanical EIT, Denver
  • Austin Burgess, Industrial EIT, Memphis
  • Christopher Butler, Senior Accountant, Nashville
  • Sean Bryant, Plumbing Senior Designer, Sarasota
  • Todd Cason, Industrial Project Manager / Construction Manager, Memphis
  • Pablo Castillo, Technology Associate, Houston
  • Austin Chaffin, Mechanical Intern, Nashville
  • Jeff Donegan, Transportation Special Projects Coordinator, Nashville
  • Maria Garcia Torres, Electrical EIT, Houston
  • Greyson Gore, Electrical EIT, Nashville
  • Michael Green, CADD Operator/Drafter, Nashville
  • William Hammer, Mechanical EIT, Dallas
  • Mike Havens, Senior Technology Consultant, Dallas
  • Colton Hudgens, Building Enclosure EIT, Nashville
  • Jacob Hutchins, Electrical EIT, Sarasota
  • Linda Inkpen, Administrative Assistant, Houston
  • Jacob Johnston, Electrical Engineer, Nashville
  • Ross Kennedy, Electrical EIT, Nashville
  • Michael Martinez, Electrical EIT, Houston
  • Bill McLaurine, CEI Technician, Nashville
  • Scott Muir, Plumbing Senior Designer, Sarasota
  • Ethan Parks, Mechanical EIT, Sarasota
  • Ashley Pelham, Civil EIT, Nashville
  • Josue Rios, Electrical EIT, Dallas
  • Jonathan Shirley, MEQ Project Coordinator, Atlanta
  • Michael Strand, Electrical Senior Designer, Sarasota
  • Chris Tidwell, Senior Instructional Designer, Nashville
  • Daniel Vives, Industrial Project Manager, Memphis
  • James Warren, Plumbing EIT, Nashville
  • Cate Zenzen, Marketing Coordinator, Nashville

A list of our 2021 summer interns can be found here.