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SSR Announces Q3 Hires


Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR), a leader among engineering firms in designing, consulting, and commissioning projects, is pleased to announce that the following individuals joined the firm in August, September, and October:

  • Rami Al-Twal, Commissioning Project Manager, Dallas
  • Joseph Carpenter, CEI Technician, Memphis
  • Debbie Costanza, Senior Medical Equipment Procurement Manager, Home Based
  • Lauren Cresap, Plumbing Designer, Nashville
  • Mike Darden, Operations Director, Houston
  • David Deaton, CEI Technician, Memphis
  • Kim Dufrene, Senior Medical Equipment Procurement Manager, Home Based
  • Donna Edwards, Plumbing Senior Designer, Houston
  • Jonathan Gower, Mechanical Project Manager, Dallas
  • Austin Hayes, Desktop Support, Nashville
  • Anita Johnson, Technology Associate, Dallas
  • Alyson Laura, Sustainability Consultant, Sarasota
  • Jimmy Lopez, Commissioning Field Agent, Tampa
  • Tammy Lovett, Contract Administrator, Nashville
  • Alex Lowrie, Sustainability Consultant, Charlotte
  • Caroline McHugh, Mechanical EIT, Nashville
  • William Morrison, Mechanical EIT, Nashville
  • Megan Patronella, Medical Equipment Planner, Houston
  • Pratyusha Pedaprolu, Senior Medical Equipment Planner, Dallas
  • Hayden Rogers, Medical Equipment Planner, Nashville
  • TJ Sauers, CEI Technician, Memphis
  • Cornelia Sides, Project Manager, Home Based
  • Melissa Ward, Administrative Assistant, Sarasota
  • Haiyan Zhang, Medical Equipment Designer, Houston