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SSR Announces Recent Promotions and New Roles


Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR), a leader among engineering firms in designing, consulting, and commissioning projects, is pleased to announce that the following individuals were recently promoted or are taking on new roles:

  • Amanda Ackerman, Mechanical EIT II, Houston
  • Tyler Boone, Transportation Engineer II, Memphis
  • Pam Borsos, Regional Business Development Manager, Houston
  • Andy Brophy, Building Performance Engineer III, Nashville
  • Rhonda Caillet, Electrical Senior Designer II, Dallas
  • Layne Dawson, Transportation Engineer II, Memphis
  • Clark Denson, Building Performance Engineering Manager, Nashville
  • Karen Espensen, Project Manager II, Dallas
  • Jonathan Gower, Project Manager II, Dallas
  • Patrick Harden, Project Manager, Houston
  • Patrick Harrington, Project Manager II, Nashville
  • Serena Hostetter, Civil EIT II, Nashville
  • Rob Hugo, Senior Project Manager, Sarasota
  • Rob Lantz, Senior Civil Engineer – Water/Wastewater, Nashville
  • James Lee, Senior Commissioning Agent, Nashville
  • Nathen Maddox, Mechanical Senior Designer II, Houston
  • Vasi Mihaila, Electrical Senior Designer II, Dallas
  • Lindsey Nicholson, Senior Sustainability Consultant, Chicago
  • Wyatt Oberg, Medical Equipment Planner, Houston
  • Brian Parrott, Mechanical Senior Designer II, Houston
  • Kevin Rumbolt, Commissioning Project Manager II, Nashville
  • Roy Sears, Commissioning Project Manager, Chicago
  • Jonathan Shirley, Medical Equipment Planner, Atlanta
  • Sara Sweeney, Senior Marketing Associate, Florida
  • Nick Taylor, Project Manager II, Memphis
  • Hannah Walter, Sustainability Consulting Manager, Nashville


In addition, the following individuals passed the PE exam:

  • Kyle Hansard, Mechanical Engineer, Dallas
  • Greg Gash, Structural Engineer, Nashville
  • Kelsey Josephson, Structural Engineer, Memphis
  • Chris Maurice, Mechanical Engineer, Nashville
  • Mack Stewart, Mechanical Engineer, Nashville