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SSR WELL Health-Safety Rating Journey: Innovation

We are in the home stretch! Projects can achieve up to three points total in the Innovation category to help round out their score under any of the following options:


Option 1: Innovation Proposal

A project can submit an innovation proposal that describes a feature that positively impacts project occupants by relating to acute health and safety in a novel way that is not covered by other existing features in the WELL Health-Safety Rating. The feature must be substantiated by existing scientific, medical, and/or industry research. The feature must also be consistent with applicable laws and regulations and leading practices in building design and operations. Most projects won’t pursue this path due to the high requirements of substantiation and uniqueness of the proposed proposal for innovation.


Option 2: WELL AP

One innovation point can be achieved if at least one member of the project team has and maintains a WELL AP credential until the project’s initial rating is achieved.


Option 3: Design for WELL Health-Safety

Projects can review the requirements of several different WELL Building Certification Features and if the project meets the requirements, can document and submit for an innovation point.

SSR chose to pursue the following two features for the eligible project locations:

  • WELL v2 A12.1 Air Filtration – review local air quality to determine baseline MERV filtration levels required for project ventilation systems, typically MERV 12 minimum required
  • WELL v2 W08.3 Effective Handwashing – review handwashing sink/faucet measurements and operation to confirm water does not splash outside the sink when in operation and minimum unnecessary contact with hands


Option 4: Award Milestone

One innovation point can be achieved if the project is WELL Precertified. All three innovation points can be achieved if the project is WELL Certified.


Gateways to Health-Safety

Projects that attempt a dual certification through the GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation program through ISSA, can achieve 5 points under the WELL Health-Safety Rating. If this path is pursued the project can’t “double dip” and get credit for any of the Cleaning and Sanitization Procedures category Features and the third Innovation point as they are assumed to be included as part of the GBAC Star program point award.


SSR’s Top Picks

SSR is attempting the innovation for WELL AP and two Design for WELL Health-Safety for all our eligible locations. Overall, this rounds out at least 15 points for all SSR’s offices pursuing certification.


Follow SSR’s Journey

During our final edition, our resident WELL Accredited Professional, Hannah Walter, will provide any lessons learned from GBCI reviewer feedback and overall summary of the certification journey.


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