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WELL Health-Safety Rating

WELL Health-Safety Rating

SSR WELL Health-Safety Rating Journey: First Things First – Who?

Now that you know how much the WELL Health-Safety Rating can cost, the next question is “how much effort and from who does it take to make this happen?” Our resident WELL Accredited Professional, Hannah Walter, will break it down for you based on SSR’s own pursuit of the WELL Health-Safety Rating on our offices.


Who is going to be needed to document this?

The WELL Health-Safety Rating is a rating for all new and existing building and space types focusing on operational policies, maintenance protocols, stakeholder engagement and emergency plans to address a post-COVID-19 environment now and into the future.

For SSR, the first step in narrowing down the potential features attempted for the projects was to determine what operational policies and programs the company already had in place and compare those documents to the WELL Health-Safety Rating features. This review process required the following team members, as available:

  • A WELL Health-Safety Rating certification project manager, preferably a WELL APWELL Health Safety Rating - Involvement
  • Human resources contact familiar with all health and wellness benefits provided by the company
  • Human resources/corporate management contact familiar with company’s emergency preparedness, resiliency, business continuity, and office re-entry policies and plans
  • Human resources/office management contact familiar with COVID-related protocols, signage, communications, etc.
  • Office/Facility/Property management contact that can provide information related to:
    • Cleaning and sanitization products and protocols
    • Ventilation and filtration systems for the project space
    • Legionella, mold, and moisture inspection and management protocol


After talking with human resources and office management staff, SSR was able to narrow down the features pursued for the project based on policies and programs already in place by the company. All that was needed for these features was to gather and format the information for clarity and upload to WELL Online.

The specific features that SSR has documented that fell into this category are as follows and are applicable to all offices:

These features add up to 7 points documented out of 15 total points required to achieve the rating. SSR is over halfway there!


Follow SSR’s Journey

During our next edition, our resident WELL Accredited Professional, Hannah Walter, will be diving into more detail about SSR’s pursued credits and the coordination and documentation required for each.



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First Things First – Who?

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SSR Pursuing Well Health-Safety Rating


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