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WELL Health-Safety Rating

WELL Health-Safety Rating

SSR WELL Health-Safety Rating Journey: First Things First – How Much?

One of the first questions which comes up when trying to get the conversation started about green building certification is “How much is this gonna cost?” Our resident WELL Accredited Professional, Hannah Walter, will break it down for you based on SSR’s own pursuit of the WELL Health-Safety Rating on our offices.


How much does it cost?

The WELL Health-Safety Rating certification has a scalable pricing model based on the number of buildings or spaces pursuing the rating. SSR did a pricing comparison and determined that it was more cost effective to pursue a simultaneous rating for all SSR’s office locations under the bulk submission structure, allowing SSR to pursue its certification and wellness goals within a reasonable budget. This pathway requires that all locations apply streamlined and consolidated documentation and undergo review together. Since all SSR’s offices function under the same human resources and corporate operations structure, this pathway made the most sense from a simplified documentation and cost of certification standpoint. WELL requires that the square root of the total project locations upload documentation for audit by reviewers when that documentation is location specific and not operations or policy-based.

WELL Health-Safety Rating - Cost Scale

SSR is a Cornerstone Member of the IWBI, and thus receives a 15% enrollment fee discount. The IWBI and many others offer discounts based on corporate memberships of participating organizations. Some of the available discounts are as follows:

  • IWBI Cornerstone Member – 15%
  • IWBI Keystone Member – 25%
  • WELL Portfolio Program Members – 25%
  • Green Sports Alliance – 25%
  • ISSA Members – 25%
  • GBAC Star accredited projects – 25% (GBAC Star accreditation will also contribute 5 of the 15 points necessary to achieve certification)
  • AAHOA Members – 25%
  • Discounts available for certain market sectors – Check here to see if you qualify
  • Contact the IWBI directly to check to see if other discounts are available

In total, SSR paid $850 in certification fees for each of the eight office locations pursuing certification. A breakdown of the pricing structure in more detail can be found here:

Since the Health-Safety Rating certification is based on ongoing performance and operations, it is only valid for one year. Therefore, if the rating is to be maintained every year, make sure the operations budget includes the renewal fees, similar to Energy Star certification.


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