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SSRCx: LEEDing the Team to Gold


Gibbens Drake Scott and Systems Integration

“Successful relationships equal successful projects.” The tag-line of Gibbens Drake Scott, Inc. (GDS) could also describe the necessity of good working relationships among all the players on the National Security Campus project team. GDS has an important role in maintaining the success of those relationships. GDS is the Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing Engineer for building one, a three-story, three hundred square foot building housing all of the offices for the site and the Systems Integrator for the Campus. In this role, GDS is responsible for ensuring that building management, information technology, and audio/visual systems, to name a few, are connected. The plans for construction of walls in a room with audio/visual equipment, for example, need to be communicated to an A/V engineer, who can weigh in on wall types and materials depending on the vibration potential of the room. It’s crucial, according to GDS Vice President Jay Guerra, that relationships on the project remain in good working order; as he states, “If any one of us fails, the whole project fails.”