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All systems go: New resource provides commissioning support for health facility managers


The specialized and especially demanding needs of health care facilities make them a prime environment for commissioning to net the greatest value. However, with no unilateral health care-specific standard, facility managers often were left to cobble together a number of commissioning guides to arrive at a less-than-ideal commissioning process and lingering doubt regarding the adequacy of commissioning in a number of areas.

That is why the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE) in 2010 developed and published the Health Facility Commissioning (HFCx) Guidelines to fill this void in standards for commissioning work specific to health care facilities. ASHE envisioned the need to go beyond the industry-standard commissioning scope and develop a process that is health care-focused and maximizes the deliverables and tools for the health facility manager.

The HFCx Guidelines became the first set of comprehensive standards for implementing a commissioning program specifically addressing health care facilities and their unique needs. For two years, the HFCx Guidelines set a new standard for health care commissioning, finally giving health facility managers the tool they need to understand and promote the value of commissioning to organizational leadership.

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