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Thank You, Veterans

With great respect, honor, and gratitude, SSR would like to honor and thank all those that have served. Thank you, Veterans.

  • Mark Arcenell, Medical Equipment Planner, Nashville
  • Jerrye Barriger, CEI Technician, Crestview
  • Jim Bice, Project Manager, Nashville
  • Joshua Brown, CEI Technician, Nashville
  • Rick Cook, CHFM, CxA, Commissioning Business Development Partner, Washington, DC
  • William Deaton, CEI Technician, Memphis
  • Ted Foster, PE, CxA, PSP, CxA+BE, Principal, Alabama
  • Michael Green, CADD Operator, Nashville
  • Andrew Hackett, PE,CxA, Principal, Nashville
  • Andy Harlan, Commissioning Project Manager, Nashville
  • Jose Hernandez, Mechanical Senior Designer, Nashville
  • Red Jordan, Construction Manager, Nashville
  • Kevin O’Brien, CxA, Senior Electrical Commissioning Field Agent, Memphis
  • Joshua Ott, Electrical Intern, Sarasota
  • Karen Proctor, Senior Project Manager, Nashville
  • Diana Robbins, Electrical Senior Designer, Nashville
  • Mike Rogers, PE, LEED AP, Chief Growth Officer, Nashville
  • Rusty Ross, PE, LEED AP BD+C, CxA, EMP, Principal, Nashville
  • Billy Schlageter, PE, LEED AP, CxA, CEA, CEM, EMP, Principal, Houston
  • Jim Seckel, E, CEM, CxA, CBCP, Principal, Nashville
  • Rod Shoemaker, CPD, Senior Project Manager, Houston
  • Michael Shook, CEI Technician, Memphis
  • Mike Simonson, Plumbing Senior Designer, Houston
  • Mike Spach, RRC, RRO, CITL 1, Roofing Project Manager, Nashville
  • Amir Tahir, Desktop Support, Nashville
  • Felton “Buddy” Teams, CEI Technician, Memphis
  • Ray Tucker, RCDD, Principal, Nashville
  • Jim Vangorder, Senior Construction Administrator, Houston
  • Joe Weaver, Mechanical Designer, Memphis
  • Dave White, RCDD, NTS, OSP, PgMP, Senor Technology Consultant, Crestview