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The Impact of Emerging Technology in Healthcare Planning and Design (2024)


This course defines and explains how IT is no longer just “Information Technology”. IT is the ecosystem of intelligence that redefines and reimagines the human and facility experience. With the growing digital healthcare ecosystem, it will be important for architects to understand how these emerging technologies are transforming workflow and care delivery in the built environment. This course will provide an overview of the current technology landscape that is changing how healthcare buildings operate and function. New technologies such as AI, IoT, and Building Automation can enhance the human interaction as well as the building intelligence. These enhances will impact staff, patient, and family, life and safety standards, as well as building systems.



Learning Objectives:

After successful completion of this learning program, participants will understand the current and future technology trends in healthcare and how they are impacting architectural design

Attendees will learn and apply how “Smart buildings” and “Digital Health” are creating new healthcare models of care delivery that are transforming the built environment

Learners will understand how IoT and AI are changing how architects plan for building systems

Attendees will explore lessons learned from real world examples of health system building projects that are adopting emerging technologies





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