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TVA’s EnergyRight Healthcare Continuous Commissioning® Incentives

Hospitals are one of the largest commercial energy consumers and have the highest energy intensity of any large building type. To help combat this, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is currently offering two “pilot” incentives for healthcare facilities (in the TVA region) to improve their energy efficiency. The two TVA’s EnergyRight Healthcare Continuous Commissioning® Incentives provide a source of partial funding for the Detailed Assessment and Implementation Phases of qualifying energy projects. These programs are designed to help healthcare owners lower costs and save energy by providing incentives for implementing a Continuous Commissioning program. Participation in these programs is a win-win for the facilities and the TVA, the reduction in energy results in lower operational costs for the facilities and less demand on the power grid for the TVA.


What is Continuous Commissioning®?

Continuous Commissioning (CC®) is an ongoing process designed to resolve operational issues, improve comfort, and optimize energy use related to HVAC systems in existing facilities. This is accomplished by conducting site surveys, utility analysis, and data analytics in conjunction with the facilities maintenance team and the building automation system. CC incorporates several commissioning and sustainability strategies that are used in series to examine and perpetually address elements of existing buildings that can be optimized without the need for heavy capital investment.


As a licensed process by Texas A&M University Energy Systems Laboratory, Continuous Commissioning practitioners have access to the tools, research, and expertise that make the CC process effective. Licensed CC practitioners are experienced engineers and commissioning agents that have the necessary skills and training to quickly identify the best improvement opportunities — those that can be implemented with the least cost while producing the greatest impact.


What makes the Continuous Commissionig process ideal for healthcare is that it has zero adverse effects to patients or staff. Most of the work is centered around a site assessment, newly optimized sequences of operations, safe implementation of energy measures, reliable measurement and verification of adjustments, and energy performance tracking and fine tuning. All of this can be done with zero capital investment dollars spent. The average simple payback is two years — a quick ROI that saves energy and reduces carbon emissions.


How To Participate in The TVA Programs

Any healthcare facility that receives their power from the TVA through their local power provider is eligible for this program. The owner first needs to select a TVA preferred provider that is also a licensed CC provider (like SSR). Next the provider will conduct an initial assessment, often at no charge, that includes estimated savings along with the projected costs for the assessment and implementation phases of the project. If the project is going to move forward, it should then be registered with the TVA. Once the project is approved, the owner must contract with the provider to produce a detailed assessment and manage the implementation and verification reporting of the project.


EnergyRight Detailed Assessment Incentive for Healthcare

TVA will pay 50% of the cost of a CC Detailed Assessment even in the unlikely event the project does not move into the implementation phase. Projects receiving funding are also eligible for the implementation incentive described below. The Detailed Assessment “Spif” is a temporary incentive that ends on August 31, 2024. This incentive is limited to $100,000 for each assessment, and each customer is limited to two assessment incentives.


EnergyRight Implementation Incentive for Healthcare

TVA will pay an incentive of $0.07/kWh for one year of post implementation savings. The first 50% of the incentive is paid after all measures have been successfully implemented and based on the Detailed Assessment report. The remainder of the incentive is paid after the measurement and verification reporting period.


Note: All incentives approved by TVA will be paid to the client by their local power provider.


SSR has been engaged by two healthcare systems within the TVA region as their preferred provider to help them earn these incentives — and we’d appreciate the opportunity help you as well. We have been a licensed Continuous Commissioning provider since 2008 and have helped facilities across the country realize incredible savings with no capital investment.  If your facility qualifies for these TVA incentives or you think your facility would benefit from the results of these services, reach out today ( to get started on the free virtual assessment.