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Underground Asset Management: It’s not 9 to 5, It’s 24/7


The City of Memphis Traffic Signal Maintenance (TSM) division has partnered with SSR to manage over 120 miles of traffic signal fiber optic infrastructure as required by the TN811 utility locate notification system. Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. (SSR) created a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) platform which serves as the backbone for maintaining the City’s fiber optic infrastructure. SSR maintains a GIS database and sends infrastructure network edits and updates to TN811 and KorTerra. An up-to-date GIS platform allows SSR employees to locate fiber optic lines in the field and monitor locate requests for the City. To streamline the network editing process, SSR has developed a mobile application which allows their employees to efficiently update assets to the fiber network in the field. The GIS platform streamlines a complex network system and can be scaled up as the infrastructure network expands over time.

In a recent article for the GIS Professional, Michelle Field, Tyler Boone, PE, and Kelsey Josephson, EI, detail how a team of SSR professionals assist the City of Memphis in maintaining over 120 miles of traffic signal fiber optic infrastructure.

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