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Does Your Water System Engage in Social Networking?


We all know about the trend in social media such as Facebook and Twitter, and most of us have seen the movie Avatar and know what an avatar is. However, do you know of the new technology that uses avatars for building water systems on social websites? In this new trend, a building has an energy and water dashboard that operators and the general public can access. Buildings with the proper meters installed to monitor water and energy usage now can be set up with apps, widgets, or a Google PowerMeter. These tools can be used for user education, interaction, and even competitions.


Real-time dashboards such as Lucid Design Group’s Building Dashboard Network enable people to view, compare, and share building energy and water use information via the web. Dashboards allow people to log onto a site to monitor the water and energy usage of a particular building. They also translate complicated energy terms such as British thermal units and kilowatthours into common terms that anyone can understand. Dashboards even can encourage competition among building owners.