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Will Telehealth Impact Facilities Work?


Telehealth is having a major impact on the delivery of health care. But in the long run, it could also have a major effect on health care facilities, too, by reducing patient traffic.

“I think this would make an interesting conversation for facilities managers, because they’re focused on the nuts and bolts and having their facilities ready for patients and families to come in,” says Debbie Gregory, DNP, R.N., senior clinical consultant with Smith Seckman Reid Inc., an engineering design and facility consulting firm in Nashville, Tenn. “However, I think in the future there’s going to be a digital transformation of health care that will cause patients and families to rethink how they access their health system.”

Health Facilities Management’s October cover story, “Planning Facilities for Telehealth” explores planning considerations for successful adoption of new technology infrastructure. SSR’s Debbie Gregory contributed her unique perspective on the impact telehealth could have on physical space. 


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